XENYX Control 1USB new by BehringerBehringer has released new very expected XENYX Control 1USB who combines high-resolution USB Audio Interface with studio-grade functionality. This is a perfect command center for professional brodcast and studio recording work.

When it’s time to get down to the business of recording or mixing, the last thing you’ll want to do is crawl under your desk and run cables. The CONTROL1USB gets you off your knees, putting Master Volume, Talkback, Source selection and Monitor control right at your fingertips. Now you can choose from up to three sets of active studio monitors and four different stereo input sources to create powerful, custom monitor mixes.

Bellow are some of the most important features of the XENYX Control 1USB:

  • Premium, ultra-low noise and high headroom studio control and communication center
  • All-in-one Master Volume controller, Source selector, Monitor switcher and Talkback box
  • 4 stereo inputs with independent level controls plus additional Monitor Mix input for your DAW
  • 3 independent and adjustable Monitor outputs to connect up to 3 sets of studio monitors
  • Built-in Talkback microphone with Level control for direct communication with musicians
  • Built-in stereo USB Audio Interface, perfect for computer-based studios
  • Premium-quality phono preamp for direct turntable connection
  • 2 headphone outputs with independent volume controls
  • Big, illuminated Volume knob for precise level adjustments
  • Convenient Mono, Mute and Dim functions right at your fingertips
  • High-precision dual 12-segment LED meters with input/output source switch

Check here official XENYX Control 1USB page for more details.
XENYX Control 1USB is available for price start from 199$.

Check bellow live presentation shown to us here by product specialist John Dinicola.

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