WOW filter box VST plugin by Sugar Bytes

sugar bytes wov filter vst pluginSugar Bytes present a new VST plugin: WoW. Wow is a filter plugin featuring a mad modulation system, juicy filters.

When we developed the Filter Algorithm, we paid special attention on a linear amplitude response over the whole frequency spectrum, aiming for big filter sounds and at the same time retaining clear and precise vowel sounds. Brand-new Band Crusher and LF Crusher filters put the audio signal to the same samplerate frequency as the cutoff frequency. As a result, you will enjoy crispy-clean electrifying sounds that sing and saw. The Band Reject filter eliminates a wide band and gives you thick and juicy filter sounds without ever losing high or low end.


  • Filter Features:
  • 12/24db Highpass
  • 12/24db Bandpass
  • 12/24db Lowpass
  • Comb Filter
  • Band Reject
  • Band Crusher
  • LF Crusher

Vowel Mode:
2 Vowels can be mixed via Cutoff Control, with all available filtertypes.
Vowels: U, UE, O, OE, A, A:, AE, E, I
Envelope Follower (can work frequency-selective)
LFO (can be retriggered by the audio signal)
Step Sequencer
The modulators can be mixed in the parameters right-click menus and can modulate each other.
Mix Control: Mixes between filtered and original signal
Master Control: Final level

System Requirements
PC: WinXP/Vista/7 32/64bit, 1GHz, 128MB RAM
Mac: OSX 10.4+, 1GHz, 128MB RAM

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