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Wonky Noisy Tape Polymoog Free Kontakt Instrument

Free Kontakt Instrument

Synth Magic has released Wonky Tape Polymoog, a free instrument for Native Instrument Kontakt soft sampler, featuring a nice collection of sounds from experimentation with a Polymoog 203a and a basic home reel to reel tape.

We have asked the developer more details about this free Kontakt instrument:

“This came about because I am making a 203a library for Kontakt and I was experimenting with some old reel to reel machines. Some of the tape sounds became quite lo-fi and wobbly, so I decided to put them in a little freebie – There are 3 tape sets and 3 clean (using direct out of Polymoog). It is not meant to be a Polymoog emulation, but rather to offer some of the Polymoog sounds in a small easy to use interface etc.” says Steve Porter from Synth Magic

We must admit that the user interface looks pretty nice, offering direct control for all parameters: filter envelope, attack/release, resonance, phaser, delay, etc. Besides this, you can choose between six available multi-sample sets.

Wonky Tape Polymoog is available for direct download via ‘mediafire’ (direct link below) and requires Kontakt 5.2.1 or higher. In the free Kontakt Player version, it will work only for 15 minutes. So if you already have the full version of Kontakt, then it is the best, you will not be constrained to use this free instrument.

If you are looking for classic vintage analog sounds from the late 70s, than this free Kontakt instrument is for you.

More Details/Download: Wonky Tape Polymoog (Mediafire)

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