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Windows 11 Compatibility With Audio Software & Hardware

Windows 11 Compatibility With Audio Software Hardware

The arrival of a new operating system, such as Windows 11, is always accompanied by the lights, whistles, and flashes of its news – but we also hear (and broadcast) the alarms for those systems that are not yet compatible.

This is well known by macOS users, and in the case of Windows, it is no exception. And it is that third-party developers tend to move with lead in the face of these updates – and unless their compatibility at the time of release obeys a marketing agreement, business association, or collaborative, their support is not usually assured.

In these first moments of the official arrival of Windows 11, it also makes sense for us to upgrade to the new version as users. Definitely, the first question as a music producer or sound engineer is whether your software (DAW, audio plugins, applications) and hardware (audio interfaces, MIDI controllers, PCI cards, components, and other USB accessories) are fully compatible.

Patience is the queen of benefits here, and while migration will ultimately pay off, it’s time to wait and see. To do this, we can think of no better thing than to reflect in this repository post the official communications of the most important audio companies and developers of products, audio equipment, and musical instruments.

Let’s read some official opinions:


At this time, Ableton has not commented on the compatibility of their products (Live or the Push instrument/driver) with Windows 11. At the time they do, we will reflect the related information here.


We hope to achieve full compatibility with our products, within a reasonable period of time. We are currently working to update our installers, drivers, and applications for the new operating system. Therefore, do not upgrade to Windows 11 until we notify you via email and social media posts from our official channels. This will ensure that your Antelope Audio software and hardware will run smoothly on new versions of operating systems.


Please wait for the update for now. As with all major versions of operating systems, we strongly recommend that you do not upgrade to Windows 11 yet. We are working hard to ensure the compatibility of all Arturia software titles; this includes instruments, effects and individual utilities.

This also applies to ASIO and multi-client drivers: Audio interfaces and some digitally connected synthesizers might show problems. We appreciate your patience not updating yet, and we hope you understand the need for caution, especially if you use any Arturia software titles in a live environment. Follow this article for more updates.


Some users have reported running FL Studio free of apparent problems on Windows 11; although Image-Line – the company that manages the development and commercial exploitation of the popular DAW has not yet officially declared its support for Microsoft’s new operating system.


Their compatibility list is full of interesting alerts:

“Before updating, we recommend that you verify that your computer/motherboard is compatible with Windows 11. And check with the manufacturer before installing any BIOS/chipset update. Check that the rest of the software/hardware that you use to make your music is also compatible before you upgrade.

Focusrite also advises us of one of the best provisions we should make: “Never update your computer during a time-critical project. And if you use additional software that comes bundled with your interface (for example, Ableton Live Lite, Pro Tools First), check the manufacturers’ websites for detailed information on compatibility.

At the moment, the Scarlett (GEN 1 to 3), Clarett + and Clarett ranges are compatible with Windows 11 21H2, but there are software and other products from the manufacturer that are being tested at the moment.


We are currently testing all KORG products for compatibility with Windows 11 and will confirm the compatibility dates for each model as soon as we can. We strongly recommend that you do not update your computer’s operating system until further notice. Its latest informative update is dated October 1, and you can stay tuned here.


Windows 11 is imminent. We advise our users not to upgrade to the new operating system, as neither our software nor our hardware products are officially compatible with Windows 11 until we perform the necessary compatibility tests. Our official recommendation for Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system will be reflected in this article that we plan to update regularly.

Please note that the official system requirements for Windows 11 have increased, and now require an available and active Trusted Platform Module 2.0, for example. Thus, a list of compatible processors is available for Intel and AMD chips. Regarding system compatibility, you can check it using the PC Health Check application, available from this link.


On their official website, they show you which Tascam products are compatible with Windows operating systems [including Windows 11]. Check their download section for the latest drivers and versions.


The compatibility of the UAD software with Windows 11 is being tested now, and the full qualification will be released in a future update of our software. Currently, there are no known compatibility issues with Apollo interfaces or UAD-2 ″ DSP accelerators. But keep in mind that while operating systems they haven’t tested might work, Universal Audio doesn’t list them as compatible.

Have you already switched to Windows 11? Leave your comment below.

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  1. Greg Savage says:

    Excellent post. People often forget they don’t have to use the latest OS or even the latest version of their favorite software as soon as it comes out. Always best to wait until all the bugs and errors are fixed

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