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Width Knob Free Plugin Released by Boz Digital Labs

Width Knob Free VST Plugin

Boz Digital Labs has released Width Knob, a free plugin that will help you to quickly and easily adjust the stereo width of your bus or track.

Note that this is Not a stereo widener effect plugin, in fact, it’s the opposite. Width Knob will not add anything that will expand your stereo width, he only reduces de stereo width.

According to the developer this plugin was inspired by the stereo width control available in Cockos REAPER music software.

However, Width Knob ca be a useful tool that can be used anywhere in your mix, you can test the mono compatibility of your master flipping the L/R channels easily and smoothly. This will keep your mixes alive and interesting.

The user interface is simple, with a single knob and values. Interesting is that you can change the GUI color as you adjust the stereo width.

Width Knob is available for free download at Boz Digital Labs website. To can download your free copy, you’ll need to sign in or register a new account at developer’s website.

It works on both MAC and Windows hosted DAWs, being available in VST, AU, RTAS plugin formats.

Download: Width Knob

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