SPECTRE Multiband Enhancer Plug-in by Wavesfactory

Wavesfactory Spectre Plug-in

Wavesfactory introduces the multiband enhancer plug-in SPECTRE, a powerful new plugin that combines the best of classic parametric equalizers and colored multi-bands enhancers.

Slightly simplified, Spectre adds harmonics and distortion like analog hardware, which the user can choose from: Tube, Warm Tube, Solid, Tape, Class B, Diode, Digital and Bit.

Add to that a clean channel that allows Specter to act as a parallel boost EQ.

The novelty here is that the incoming signal is processed on five separate eq bands, which in turn are mixed with any of the eight color algorithms.

The user interface is very nicely designed, the plugin looks like an ordinary equalizer at first, but offers more than that.

Optionally, the plug-in also offers 4x or 16x oversampling.

Spectre can actually be really nice and useful for mastering your tracks. Try the free demo available on the official plugin page (link below).

Spectre is available for download on PC and Mac (32/64 bit) in VST, AU and AAX.

Spectre plugin is available until 8th March at a starting price of 69 euros. The regular price is 99 euros.

More Details: Spectre



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