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WaveLab 9 Audio Editing Software Announced by Steinberg

WaveLab 9 Audio Editing Software
Steinberg has announced WaveLab 9, the newest version of their audio editing software Wavelab, available in two forms: WaveLab 9 Pro and WaveLab 9 Elements.

WaveLab 9 audio editing software comes with some new and innovative features and a new redesigned “single-window” user interface for a faster workflow and instant access to all vital program functions.

WaveLab 9 audio editing software also includes a unique mastering plugin suite, called MasterRig including an Equalizer, a Dynamic EQ, a Compressor, a Limiter, a Saturator, an Imager (only with “PRO” version) and full M/S support. MasterRig is described as “the most powerful plug-in suite ever developed by Steinberg”.

The new “single-windows” user interface includes a central tab area offering quick access to some of the most often used function and the waveform display. You can customize the interface and adapt the layout to your individual needs using the new “docking system”. This new “docking system” bring more flexibility and easy window handling than ever before.

You can use WaveLab 9 in direct connection with Cubase and Nuendo during mixing to open any Cubase or Nuendo project with just a single mouse click. In this way you can easily edit or remix any project and make necessary changes to make the mix more suitable for mastering.

Key Features:

  • New “single-window” user interface and windows docking system
  • New MasterRig mastering plugi-in suite
  • Direct connection with Cubase and Nuendo
  • WaveLab Project Manager (PRO)
  • Fully M/S support (PRO)
  • Rendering surround for MP3 and AAC formats
  • CD burning engine (Elements)

WaveLab 9 Pro version will be available “shortly” for €579 while WaveLab Elements 9 is already available for €99.99. Customers who already own the 8.5 version can get the new updates starting from €99.99. Check more details about all the new improvements and features at Steinberg website (check the link below).

More Details: WaveLab 9

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