New Waveform 9 DAW Tracktion

Tracktion announces the Waveform 9 DAW, adding a few new features and possibilities.

Waveform 9 is the next major update to the former Tracktion DAW, which was renamed Waveform last year at Musikmesse 2018 (when Waveform 8 was released), and is now available in version 9.

Waveform 9 DAW offers everything necessary to give first-class results to musicians, composers, and producers.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””]Tracktion founder and CEO James “Woody” Woodburn: “We know plenty of artists who put a lot of time and effort into their sound libraries, and we’ve spent time and effort on features that make it easy to find, edit and organize sound content make it easier and faster, so Waveform 9 offers luxurious features for previewing, importing and arranging audio content from a variety of sources.”[/box]

Compared to its predecessor, the new DAW Waveform 9 now includes Melodyne Essentials, a basic set of tools for professional pitch correction.

Another innovation is called Multi-Sampler and is a new sampler instrument offering truly contemporary sampling capabilities.

Waveform 9 Multi Sampler
Multi Sampler

Further features of Waveform 9 are chord track and track loops to simplify the handling of chords and loops.

This should provide extensive sampling capabilities and at the same time be more deeply integrated into the DAW so creating your own sounds is faster and more intuitive.

One good example is that the new Multi-Sampler can record directly from other programs such as the web browser.

Six new modifiers: LFO, Breakpoint, Step, Envelope Follower, Random and MIDI Tracker were added to the Waveform 9.

Waveform 9 Modifiers

A new way to manage multi-track data is through track loops.

Multiple tracks can be output as a stereo loop with automation data and plug-ins to re-insert them later in other projects if desired.

The price for Tracktion Waveform 9 is $ 99. If you want the extended versions with sound packs and synthesizers, you will be asked to pay 150, – or 250, – US-Dollar.

Waveform 9 can be operated on almost any current Windows, Mac or Linux computer.

Waveform 9 is a modern music making program that can meet the needs of any music producer, also being one of the most affordable music production software in 2018.\

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