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Waveform 10 DAW Update Released by Tracktion

“The most creative, inspirational and affordable digital audio workstation ever created.” – as the developer describes this new version.

Tracktion launches the new Waveform 10 now in the spring of 2019, a welcome update for their music production software, one of the best and most affordable music making software on the market.

Waveform 10 comes with many new features, like the new user interface and workflow improvements designed to help navigate its deep capabilities. The new ‘Actions Panel’ available in the browser allows the user to fully customize what features are displayed. This can be used to store a lot of used tools as a favorite, you can remove it from the view little-used.

Waveform 10 offers six new modifiers to its customers. Based on the LFO tools of the previous versions, these enable the manipulation of parameters, so that movements and “life” come into the sounds. The new tools include LFO, Breakpoint, Step, Envelope Follower, Random and MIDI tracker.

A whopping 62 new plugins have made it to Waveform 10. The Artisan Collection is based on Airwindows DSP and will extend the plugin world in Tracktion from now on. From sound shaping tools to wacky effects should be a lot of new things.

Several tracks can now be grouped and edited together. Adjust volume, cut, edit – all this is now done for grouped tracks in a washing up. In addition, tracks can be viewed and edited in the new Track Editor window.

With the new vertical cursor, you have a better overview over several tracks and, for example, the possibility to directly cut clips in the playback mode.

Waveform 10 DAW

The Multisampler offers the new function “Beat Replace Drum Loop”. This allows the groove and volume of an audio clip to be read out and converted to MIDI data. After that you can copy or edit everything with new samples.

If you need fresh new audio loops be sure to check our store section.

At the NAMM Show, the new version of Autotune was presented, this was immediately incorporated into Waveform 10.

Waveform 10 runs under OSX and Windows and costs in the basic version $119 US-Dollar. Discounted upgrades are available. In addition, the company offers the standard package for $ 259 (including DAW Essentials Collection, loop packs, BioTek 2) and Extreme Pack for $ 499 (plus MOK Waverazor, RetroMod Collection).

More Details: Waveform 10

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