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VSTBuzz announced a new deal, 75% OFF for Abuser, a powerful Native Instruments Kontakt virtual instrument developed by Audio Modern.

Abuser is a powerful hybrid analog virtual instrument for Kontakt with a beautiful user interface and includes thousands of samples recorded using the Sherman Filterbank (a great filtering and distortion analog unit with insane tube overdrive sound and a huge frequency range). Abuser is perfect for EDM music, Industrial, Ambient, Trailer Music and more.

The interface features 3 big buttons to control Drive, Cut and Res and below are the Mode, Mod and ADSR controls. At button is the Chorus switch and controls for Reverb and Delay effects. Everything is very well arranged, very intuitive and easy to use.

Abuser Kontakt Virtual Instrument

Abuser library contains over 1500 stereo samples recorded at a best quality, 96kHz. All these samples keeps the original audio defects to maintain authenticity of analog environment.


  • 1,538 True stereo samples from Sherman Filterbank
  • Total size 3.61GB (when installed)
  • 35 Kontakt patches in total: 14 basses, 7 leads, 11 synths and 3 FX

Note that you need to have Full version of Kontakt 5.3 or higher required (Does NOT WORK with Free Kontakt version).

Normally Abuser is priced at €28.99 but VST Buzz offers this library with 75% off for a short time at only €6.99. Not to mention that the original Sherman Filterbank unit cost about € 685, so this is a real bargain!


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