Voxengo Marvel GEQ

A graphic equalizer plugin with a built-in spectrum analyzer, ideal for shaping the frequency response of individual tracks or entire mixes. The plugin features a 16-band graphic equalizer with an adjustable band range, filter bandwidth, and filter type. It also includes a range of advanced features such as multi-channel support, mid/side processing, high-quality oversampling, and a built-in preset manager for saving and recalling your favorite settings.

You can correct any imbalances in your mix or individual tracks by boosting or cutting specific frequency ranges. By adjusting the frequency content of your mix, you can shape the overall tone and character to achieve the desired sound. By cutting specific frequencies, you can remove unwanted noise or resonances from your mix or individual tracks.

The plugin can be used for a variety of purposes, such as music production, sound design, post-production, and broadcast applications.

Voxengo Marvel GEQ is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems and supports a wide range of audio formats including VST, VST3, AU, and AAX.

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