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Correlometer – Free Multi-Band Meter VST Plugin by Voxengo

Voxengo Correlometer Free Multi-Band VST Plugin

Voxengo has released Correlometer is a free and useful analog-style stereo multi-band correlation meter available for Windows and MAC in AudioUnit, AAX and VST plugin format. This can be used for professional music production applications.

Voxengo Correlometer is based on correlation meter found in PHA-979 phase-alignment plugin and it offers the ability to measure and visualize between 4 and 64 bands the degree of correlation between two channels, typically L and R of a stereo signal. Therefore, it reports individually in the different frequency regions of the degree of similarity between both channels.

This type of tool detects the presence of elements out of phase in a signal or a stereo mix. It is useful, for example, in support of the verification of compatibility with mono playback systems, to more accurately detect phase alignment problems in stereo recordings or in parallel processing systems.

Voxengo Correlometer Free VST Plugin

The correlation measurement on the complete signal is quite common but often insufficient. It is present, for example, in SPAN itself, but it is usually dominated by low-frequency signals and it ends up by masking the presence of areas in which the behavior is very different from that global tendency.

The difficulty to detect phase problems hearing in medium and high frequencies finds valuable support in systems such as Correlometer to help diagnose, although PHA-979 is left out and reserved for phase correction and realignment in an equally selective frequency.

Both the number of bands and their Q factor or selectivity are adjustable. It is possible to play with the averaging time to smooth the measurement and have a vision of the ‘stable’ part in the possible misalignment or a vision that follows the changes with agility.

The possibility of using ‘side-chaining’ opens the way to compare the correlation between two different tracks, and therefore be able to assess accurately their possible misalignment.

More Details / Download Link: Voxengo Correlometer

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