Vox VGH Rock – Headphones With Built-in Guitar AMP

Vox VGH Rock Headphones With Built-in Guitar AMP

Vox has released the VGH Rock closed-back headphones, which were developed in collaboration with Audio-Technica. The novelty has a built-in guitar amp based on popular amps from the 80s and 90s, which also has several effects for processing.

Vox VGH Rock is equipped with dynamic 40 mm drivers and is capable of reproducing frequencies from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. When the guitar cable is connected to the model, the amplifier is turned on, the rest of the time the Rock works like normal headphones. The model can be connected to external devices via the AUX connector, which supports the simultaneous operation of the amplifier and music playback.

It is possible to adjust the volume, gain, and tone of the guitar using the controls located on one of the cups. For additional processing, three effects are provided (reverb, delay, chorus). The earphones are equipped with a built-in battery and provide up to 7 hours of battery life without recharging.

Vox VGH Rock Specifications:

  • Based on the tones of amp stacks from the ‘80s and ‘90s
  • Built-in effects add color to the sound.
  • Features highly reliable closed-air dynamic headphone units made by Audio-Technica. Can be worn comfortably for long periods of time; ear pads can be rotated for easy storage.
  • Uses valve reactor technology in the headphone amp circuitry.
  • Includes a thick cable with plenty of lengths to play even while standing up. The cable can also be pulled out from the right ear pad, making it easy to play your guitar or bass guitar.
  • Easy to operate, with the controls located on the right earpad.
  • Plug into the AUX IN jack to jam along with your music player.
  • Predominantly black colors to blend in with your look and match guitars of any color.

Vox VGH Rock is available priced at $ 100.

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