Top Best DAW Program Music SoftwareWhat is the best DAW in the world this year?

2013 was a big year for DAW new releases and new updates from major brands in industry. Ableton Live, Apple Logic Pro, Image-Line FL Studio, Steinberg Cubase, Avid Pro Tools, Propellerhead Reason, GarageBand, Acoustica Mixcraft, all come with new version and new features for they software.

Vote using the poll bellow to help find the best DAW for 2013. Each DAW have their strengths and weaknesses, so if you are a music producer and use one or more of this programs you can make the difference for sure by putting in balance the price, features, usability, compability and give your vote to the best.

This poll will be open until end of November 2013. After this, in December we will post the results and reviews for best DAWs.

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Check the final results: Best DAW in 2013





30 thoughts on “What is the Best DAW in 2013? Vote Now!

  1. Pouic Pouic says:

    Anyway this survey is useless, we should try different DAW before voting, most voters know their DAW, and not others.

    Furthermore it is possible to cheat on this survey, I know I did …

    Nowadays it is so easy to change the IP address! 😉

  2. Evo Ryder says:

    Yea, Studio One aded just too late, the other daws got more votes due to the missing of the best one. Lame Poll, i’m out of here.

  3. Geo524 says:

    X3 is going to put Sonar back on the map. Not just because of all the new and great content it includes or the fact that it is simply a great DAW, but also because of Cakewalks phenomenal show of support since the release of X3! Outstanding

  4. Mod Bod says:

    My favorite at the moment is Studio One but evidently it wasn’t released in the 2013 time frame so SONAR X3 is my second choice.

  5. Steve Mann says:

    I love Pro Tools for its ease of use, great automation and clean, good looking interface. But technologically it lags behind a lot of the others. Very surprised not to see Studio One in the list. But my vote ultimately had to go to Sonar X3 – the bundle it comes with is just simply awesome, and Cakewalk have finally got to grips with editing which is now pretty intuitive. The comping tool is icing on the cake which I think notches X3 up into the lead for my money.

  6. Marcus Curtis says:

    It seems to me that Sonar X3 has come a long way. There are a lot of extras with the X3 version. But what I really love about this DAW Is the pro channel feature. Now it is available for the studio version as well. The modules that are included are awesome. The new Quad curve EQ zoom is a fantastic tool. VST 3 and the fact that the pro version is bundled with so many great third party developers like melodyne, Addictive Drums, TH2, Lizard lounge, and breverb (just to name a few) make it an exceptional value. Gobbler is an awesome tool for sharing files on the internet with other Sonar users. It is built right into the tool bar. Using a touch screen monitor works well with this software too. This is why Sonar X3 gets my vote

  7. b says:

    its funny to me the two standards are last….truthfully.. ALL of these are exceptional now. the gear is no longer an issue. for under 500 bucks you can record a FULLY realized album. PEOPLE are what make albums and recordings good, not just the software and tools.

  8. Nihilist says:

    reaper, best bang for the buck. perfect starter daw, and its deep when you get into it. still uses vst, while avid needs aax. protools is really best for big buck setups.

    • joky666 says:

      Reaper is indeed THE best bang for your buck….but it is as professional as every other TOP Daw! Protools and Logic are industry Standard because they are spread all over the world and well known- BUT this don’t make them more “Pro” as one might think! In the end it depends on your Taste…Now go on and make some good music : )

      • jerrygerber says:

        No, it is not. There is no notation view. All trained composers read and write music and all the fully pro DAWs have a notation editor. It’s easy for people with amateur-level compositional skills to overlook that.

        • joky666 says:

          You´re right…i am not a composer in a “traditional” way either BUT you dont have to be Mozart to make great sounding music! Lets be honest – how much people can (really) read notes these days…they grab their guitar learn Tabs or whatever and they just PLAY.
          It may not sound as “professional” as Mozarts 5th but in the end it depends on your taste as i mentioned before….And all you need is an easy to learn DAW hit record and walk on. Reaper in the first place is such an easy program but you can also dig deeper into it…

          • joky666 says:

            …just goggle “The Beatles” and learn their history- they obviously didn’t read music at all, but hey- weren’t they one of the success-fullest Bands in all history…..just think about it for a moment…

            On the other hand reading music isnt that hard to learn since its the simplest language on earth and a chinese musician can understand an Texan musician without even talking…for that matter…

            Have a nice day!

  9. TL says:

    It saddens me that Samplitude is that low – it USED TO BE my weapon of choice for so many years – magix fucked it up. Sam X is buggy as hell. They kicked out spectral cleaning. And yet there is no mac version. Communication is a mess, user backend on their website aswell :/ I’m disappointed to point where I even don’t know if I would check out the next version of sam.

  10. audios marti says:

    I’m a Pro Tools Operator I think it is the most intuitive and fast to work audio editing, but I prefer logic to produce songs quickly especially in electronic styles.

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