Korg Volca Sample Sequencer

Korg announces Volca Sample, a sample sequencer that can be used to edit and sequence up to 100 sample sounds in real time. Volca Sample is the latest Korg addition to their world popular Volca line.

The new Volca lets you recapture the excitement of the first generation of samplers, in which any sound vocals, spoken words, ambient sound, or glitches becomes material for your creations!

Volca Sample Features:

Intuitive, ultra-powerful volca sequencer

  • A fun to use sequencer with superb improvisatory potential
  • Motion sequencer records and plays back up to 11 parameters
  • Active Step and Step Jump functions let you insert or remove steps
  • Swing function lets you generate grooves

Sculpt samples with the Analog Isolator

  •  Powerful and great-sounding Analog Isolator
  • Reverb effect

New functions of the volca sample

  • Record, manage, and download samples from volca sample’s dedicated iOS app
  • Song mode allows more dynamic performances
  • Reverse function plays sampled sounds backwards

Convenient functions as found on the entire volca series

  • Familiar and intuitive panel layout with numerous parameters to edit sounds and sequences
  • Synchronized playback with other volca units, electribe, or DAW
  • MIDI In for sample trigger, sync and parameter changes from any MIDI device
  • Compact size, battery-powered operation, and built-in speaker for enjoyment anywhere

Korg has not yet announced the date when this product will be available also no price. Most likely will be included with Korg’s Volca range.

Also check Caustic Editor for Volca Sample, a freeware app for Volca Sample.





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