Vocal King FREE VST Plugin

J-Hud-Studio releases Vocal King, a FREE VST plugin for Windows designed to bring out the presence and clarity in vocals. Vocal King free plugin features 6 separate FX stages, followed by an output volume control. The ‘Pres Amp’ knob from the left works as a compressor/limiter. The process is simple: the upcoming audio signal passes through a compressor, treble controls, presence and a low cut filter before reaches the output.

This plugin is very easy to use for processing vocals quickly and get great results without too much effort. Put an EQ before or after the Vocal King to shape your vocal tracks and get even more clarity.

That’s not all…

Alongside with Vocal King, J-Hud-Studio has released Vocal King 2Knob, a simplified version of the Vocal King free plugin described above. This plugin approaches everything in a much more direct way featuring only 2 controls instead of many: a compressor/exciter circuit and an output gain control –

Vocal King 2Knob Free Vst

Best part…

Both plugins are available for free download and are free to use! Vocal King is available only in 32-bit VST format, while the Vocal King 2Knob simplest version comes also in 64bit version, but ATTENTION is a BETA version, you might have some problems in some digital audio workstations.

So, if you are looking for more control over the tone shaping process of your vocal tracks take a look at these free plugins (link below (both plugins are available on the same page)).

More Details: Vocal King





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