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VK-1 Viking FREE Synthesizer VST by Blamsoft

VK-1 Viking FREE Synthesizer VST

The Blamsoft has released the VK-1 Viking Synthesizer – free software VST synthesizer which emulates the Moog Voyager synthesizer.

Better said it is a monophonic synthesizer with three continuously variable wave oscillators, a noise generator, two transistor ladder filters and also two modulation buses.

Blamsoft is known as a developer for the Reason Rack Extension format, now porting their VK-1 Viking synthesizer to VST format.

The variable wave oscillators allow a smooth transition from sine to sawtooth, square wave and pulse waveforms.

In addition, this tone generator provides oscillator synchronization (OSC 1 and 2), frequency modulation (OSC 1 and 3), fine-tuning, glide, and some other features.

The VST version has been completely redesigned in terms of graphics and now supports Retina Displays.

According to developers, the sound has also been adapted to today’s requirements. That means: thicker, but softer at the same time.

For an optimal start, there are 228 presets with basses, leads, synths, basses, plucks, etc. on board. It sounds very close to the original Moog unit.

VK-1 Viking Synthesizer is definitely one of the best free plugins launched in 2017 (check the entire list).

You decide the price – pay what you want is the credo. The suggested price is 59 Euro, so if you want to support the developer you can pay for this synthesizer or get it for free.

You can find & read more details about this great free synth plugin on its official page – link below. Enjoy!

Download Link: VK-1 Viking Synthesizer

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