VirtualCZ VST Synth
Plugin Boutique updates their VirtualCZ plugin to v1.0.1, fixing several issues and adding a new “Auto send SysEx” function.

VirtualCZ Change Log – v1.0.1:

  • Quantise hz/ms/cents 0-99 conversions
  • Stop re-triggering held notes on preset/certain parameter changes
  • Fixed voice stealing when note-ons arrive in same block (i.e. chords)
  • (SYSEX) Added “Auto Send SYSEX” option to TOOLS menu (send SYSEX on param change)
  • (WIN) Store preset button no longer gets stuck
  • (SYSEX) Fixed sending to CZ101/CZ1000/CZ3K/CZ5K
  • (Manual) A couple of corrections
  • OSC “set both shapes” button easier to click
  • LCD message on SYSEX format/model selection
  • Fixed inverted sustain pedal response
  • Release notes on sustain pedal up rather than soft-kill them
  • Sustain pedal works in monophonic mode
  • Tuning table supports .tun files with no base frequency specified
  • (WIN) Standalone app runs on XP

If you own VirtualCZ, download the update from your Plugin Boutique User Account.

If you don’t have this synth plugin, go and read ProducerSpot’s Virtual CZ Review for a more detailed description, features, pros and cons.




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