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Virta Synthesizer Plug-in Released by Madrona Labs

Virta Syntheszier Plug-in

Madrona Labs has released Virta, a new virtual “voice-controlled” synthesizer plugin that allows you to control the sound production by voices that are routed through the plug-in.

At first glance, the new plug-in from Madrona Labs looks very complex. The audio input is the main area of the VST: here, an audio signal is passed to the plug-in, which is analyzed.

A MIDI input is responsible for the grading and harmony. You can also send the raw waveform by the plug-in and only use the effects section of Virta synthesizer: this consists of a Gate and a Delay.

The synthesizer section that can be linked in connection with the audio signal with a vocoder consists of two programmable oscillators. An envelope is also implemented for sound shaping. Each parameter can be modulated by any parameter.

A little training time is certainly needed, in addition, an extensive PDF manual is included.

Madrona Labs Virta synthesizer is available via the developer’s website priced at 89 US dollars. A fully functional demo version is also available, that plays a short reminder sound to Buy the software every 60 seconds. If you choose to buy the software, you can install it on as many computers as you like without extending your license.

Virta synthesizer runs on Mac and Windows systems being available in 32 and 64 bit AU and VST plug-in formats.

More Details: Virta

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