Violent Delay Free VST Effect Plugin by Bitsonic

Violent Delay Free VST Effect Plugin

Bitsonic announced Violent Delay, a free, simple ping-pong delay VST Effect plugin available for Windows users who can change the delay some low- and high-pass filters, an LFO and phaser and chorus effects.

Check the below list and read about all controls and functions of the Violent Delay plugin:

  • Original: with this knob, you can lower or add to the volume of the input.
  • Wet/dry: allow you to change the volume with this option.
  • Feedback: this can change the length of the feedback.
  • Mid-side: at 0 states it functions as a delay mono, at maximum, it functions as a ping-pong delay.
  • Time: this option changes the feedback of the delay. If we want the feedback in sync with the speed this function should be at 0.
  • Reverse: the delay turns around.
  • Smooth: makes the sounds of the delay blunter. It’s like an attack-value changer.
  • Filter: filtering the delay, we can cut the unnecessary deep or low sounds from the effect.
  • Filter low pass: filters the high sounds, leaves the low ones as they are. The resonance value is changeable.
  • High pass: filters low sounds. The resonance function that goes with the 2 filters can change the tune of the filters.
  • Lfo: automatized filter. It only works if the filter and filter on/off is on.
  • Phaser speed: changes the speed of the phase shift.
  • Phaser gain: changes the intensity of phase shift.
  • Phaser wet/dry: regulates the mix of the raw delay and the phaser sign.
  • Chorus wet/dry: regulates the mixing of the original and the mixed sign.
  • Chorus rate: adjusts the pitch’s measure’s difference.
  • Chorus depth: regulates the volume of the sound given by the value of the rate.
  • Chorus delay: changes the time of the altered sound.

Violent Delay is available for free download at the Bitsonic website in 32-bit VST plugin format, exclusively for Windows.

More Details/Download: Violent Delay

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