Vintage Legends Synth VST/AU Plugins by UVI

UVI Vintage Legends

UVI present the Vintage Legends, a collection of six powerful vintage synth vst plugins that emulates popular synthesizers such as Yamaha CS-70M, CS-40M and CS-20M, the crazy Italian Elka Synthex, the Rhodes Chroma, the king of FM – the Yamaha DX1, the rare DK Synergy and the classic K250.

Vintage Legends integrates over 30,000 samples and over 800 presets from classic synths compatible with everything.


UVI CS-M VST Vintage Synth

UVI CS-M features a dual-layer architecture and instant preset/layer switching making it an extraordinarily responsive instrument capable of a wide and authentic sound palette. Layers include all possible base waveforms and noises as well as expertly programmed presets, all made on the original machines. In fact, great lengths were taken to ensure the authentic sound and natural character of these machines was preserved and translated clearly in CS-M. Everything was sampled, down to the unique unison and ensemble modes.

UVI Synthox

UVI Synthox VST Plugin

The Synthex synth machine was made famous by Jean Michel Jarre on his ‘Rendez vous’ EP which features a ripping Lazer Harp sound. Due to the oscillator design and lush filters this synth packs a distinctly thick and raw sound. The Synthex has become increasingly rare with time and finding working units can be a tedious and expensive task. UVI Synthox now brings you the best of this instrument in the form of a convenient and extraordinary sounding soft synth. UVI team sampled everything, including the raw waveforms with different configurations of the Chorus section.

UVI Kroma

UVI Kroma Synth Plugin

UVI Kroma comes loaded with dozens of presets programmed on a fully restored unit including Arpeggios, Bass, Bells, Brass, FX, Leads, Pads, Strings, Sweeps. Even the basic waveforms of the unit were sampled to allow design of new patches. Take complete control of this veritable classic with a built in arpegiator, step sequencer, LFOs and precision modeled FX.


UVI FMX-1 Synth

UVI FMX1 includes arpeggios, a step sequencer, LFOs and precision modeled FX to help sculpt your sounds to fit the mix perfectly; this synth plugins includes even the true FM synthesis module to further FMize your presets. All of this packed with a wealth of features exclusive to the UVI Engine. Pure FM sounds, slamming bass tones and rich atmospheres await – UVI FMX1 puts the legacy of a fantastic Eighties super-synth squarely within reach.

UVI U1250

UVI U1250 Synth Plugin

U1250 includes both the K250 and the K1000 sound: Acoustic and Electric Pianos, Bells, Mallets, Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Bass, Pads, Wind, Brass and other Orchestral instruments, many of the patches evoking classic Eighties nostalgia. These sounds were then tediously multi-sampled to produce the rich library of the U1250.


UVI Energy Synth Plugin

UVI Energy has a one-of-a-kind sound and is an exclusive instrument only available in the Vintage Legends collection. The UVI Engine allows for further customization of Energy – giving you a built-in arpegiator, step sequencer, LFO and precision modeled FX.

Vintage Legends Features:

  • Size : 9.8 GB (FLAC lossless encoding, was 21.85 GB in WAV)
  • Collection : Six powerful vintage synths revisited. Contains : UVI CS-M, UVI Synthox, UVI Kroma, UVI FMX1, UVI U1250 and the bonus UVI Energy.
  • Content : 827 presets, 32,049 samples
  • Sample Resolution : 44.1 kHz. Recording at 96 kHz.

Vintage Legends is available at priced at £129,17 / $201.72 / €164.54.

More Details/Buy Options: Vintage Legends

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