The following terms comprise an agreement between Vendors (hereinafter referred to as “Seller”) and HEXPRO MEDIA SRL, owner of website under which we shall distribute any sound libraries or related digital products produced by the Seller worldwide according to the terms below.


This agreement shall commence on the date signed by the Seller and shall continue for a period of twelve (12) months unless terminated by the Seller at any time upon written notice giving not less than 7 days notice via e-mail at


The Seller grants Us non-exclusive rights for the distribution of their digital products including (but not limited to): audio loops, music sample libraries, sound effects, audio demos, audio programs, music apps, music software, graphics, video materials, e-books.
The Seller may sell or distribute any of his electronic digital products on other online websites, platforms, or e-stores. The Seller is free to pursue any deals with third parties, which are outside the scope of this agreement.


This agreement is for worldwide distribution, without any territorial restrictions.


We will have the right to resell the Seller’s digital audio products as downloadable files at site, bundling with other products, and inclusion in promotional campaigns. The seller will decide which of his products will be included in this agreement and may change, include or exclude at his will. In exchange, the Seller will receive a royalty, based on the terms outlined in this agreement.

The seller owns and reserves all ownership, rights, and intellectual property of the software and marketing assets developed by the seller and delivered to the Company for its resale. We will not offer any of the Seller’s products in any subscription system.


The Seller warrants that all the digital products are delivered to Company unencumbered, without any claim by a third party. The Seller will at no point include material in his products that infringes upon the copyright of any other entity.


The Seller’s product pricing will be set by the seller. However, we reserve the right to recommend a price that reflects similar products from the entire site catalog. We will release coupon codes or marketing discounts to end users from time to time to increase the likelihood of purchases by the end users.


The Seller will receive a royalty rate of 50% of the gross revenue received by Us for any of his digital products sold at Royalties will be based on gross income from sales of Seller’s digital products, subject to the terms and limitations above.

Royalties will be paid on a monthly basis, no later than the tenth (10th) day of every subsequent month. Payments will be sent via PayPal. The Seller will be covering any PayPal fees (if applicable).

A minimum threshold of $50 is applicable (calculated from 1st January to the current month).


Seller and us, both agree that we may each have access to confidential information concerning the business and affairs of the other. We each agree to treat all confidential information confidential and will not make public or disclose to any other person that information unless each of us first obtains the written consent of the other to do so.