V-Drums Friend Jam Kids Software by Roland is a new social application for children to perfect they drumming skills and compare with other V-Drums users form world wide. This is a fun way for kids to practice and improve they drummer skills. This application is free for download.

Available for both Windows and Mac OS X, V-Drums Friend Jam Kids helps young drummers improve their skills with enjoyable songs and fun practice evaluation features. It offers a friendly and inviting user interface, plus a continuously growing library of play-along songs that can be downloaded directly within the application from the web. Included are traditional children’s tunes like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” classic pieces such as “Air on the G String,” and a variety of musical grooves in popular styles, all specially arranged for playing along on the V-Drums. Users can also add MP3 files stored on their computer to jam with their favorite songs.

By connecting their V-Drums kit to their computer via USB or MIDI, players can capture and evaluate individual performance elements such as rhythm, technique, and variation, then see how their results compare with other V-Drums Friend Jam Kids users around the world via the Internet..

Roland V-Drums Friend Jam Kids
Roland V-Drums Friend Jam Kids

Download V-Drums Friend Jam Kids application for free here.





One thought on “V-Drums Friend Jam Kids Software by Roland

  1. Joe says:

    when i try to download the free software for kids jam I get redirected to many times which means the link wont work. Basically i cant download the FREE software because Roland has done a crappy job setting up their links. If you care enough please help

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