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V Collection 5 + 5 New Legendary Keyboards by Arturia

Arturia V Collection 5

Arturia has released V Collection 5, a new update for their virtual instruments collection and adds 5 new legendary keyboards to it: Synclavier V, B-3 V, Stage-73 V, Farfisa V, and Piano V – a complete suite of acoustic pianos.

Arturia’s award-winning modeling technology faithfully reproduces the way the original instruments behaved, offering some of the best analog sounds that you can get from a virtual instrument.

Let’s meet the new legends:

Synclavier V

Synclavier V

Synclavier V brings back the trailblazing late-Seventies-vintage Synclavier® synthesizer to the present day-desktop as an authentic-sounding software simulation. Its original creators made musical history with a unique approach to additive and FM (Frequency Modulation) synthesis alongside radical resynthesis developments.

B-3 V

B 3 Virtual Instrument

B-3 V realistically recreates the special sound of the B-3 tonewheel organ. One of the most iconic and influential instruments of all time. One which has graced many of the greatest recordings of all time. Today Arturia brings this to its award-winning Analog Classics family of virtual instruments that recreate hard-to-source synthesizers and classic keyboards.

Stage-73 V

Stage-73 V

Stage-73 V successfully transports past technologies to the present-day desktop. It’s the sound of the Sixties, the sound of the Seventies… the sound of today, the sound of tomorrow. This can now be anyone’s sound on stages and in studios anywhere in the world, working both as a standalone instrument on Mac OS X and Windows and as a plug-in in all major formats inside any DAW.

Farfisa V

Farfisa V

Farfisa V virtually puts players of today in the musical driving seat with a still-sought after sound that drove the hits of several decades: Farfisa’s famous Compact Deluxe electronic organ, one of a series of iconic instruments manufactured in Italy between 1964-1968.

Piano V

Piano V Virtual Instrument

Creating Piano V was a major undertaking. Arturia attentively analyzed everything that has musically made the piano the perfect combination of personal expression and musical intimacy for over four centuries. Collectively concluding that it had succeeded in achieving the most accurate recreation of an acoustic piano possible in software, the determined developer set about unleashing that power in ways that are beyond the bounds of physical possibility.

All these new virtual instruments are included in Arturia’s V Collection 5 bundle of 17 legendary keyboards (plus Analog Lab 2), available to purchase as a boxed version from any authorized Arturia dealer or online as a boxed version or download each instrument individually.

More Details: Arturia Store | V Collection 5

Update: Check out the new V Collection 6 by Arturia

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