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UVS-3200 Virtual Instrument Released by UVI

UVS-3200 Virtual Instrument

UVI presents the UVS-3200, a new virtual instrument that perfectly emulates the rare Japanese synthesizer KORG PS-3200 from the ’70s,

Built in limited numbers, the KORG PS-3200 synthesizer was a remarkable instrument with 48-voice polyphonic engine and a unique keyboard controller with scalable CV joystick. The PS-3200 also featured a remarkable 16 patches of memory recall – a fantastic convenience at the time.

KORG PS-3200
The KORG PS-3200

For his library, UVI has sampled a restored Korg PS-3200 unit. The result is over 5000 samples and 220 patches, which are suitable for massive basses, rich leads, developing pads and more.

With the UVS-3200 UVI have set a virtual monument to the Korg PS-3200!

“Thankfully we got our hands on a pristine unit and after a complete check-up and fine tuning handed it over to our sound design team to push it to the limits, documenting the very best of what it has to offer.”

The new virtual instrument offers the rare vintage sound of this rare vintage Korg synthesizer mention above, but with the control flexibility of modern software for sound designers and musicians alike.

Let’s recap:

  • Incredible sounds from the rare 48-voice Korg PS-3200
  • Over 220 patches covering classic and modern styles
  • Deeply editable instrument with pristine sound quality

The UVI UVS-3200 runs stand-alone or as a plug-in on Windows and Mac computers and supports the formats AU, AAX and VST.

For the introduction, the plug-in costs $ 50 USD, the regular price is $ 82 USD.

Get more details at Plugin Boutique: UVS-3200

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