Usine Hollyhock II MAC/PC DAW by Sensomusic

Sensomusic Usine Hollyhock II DAW

Sensomusic launches Usine Hollyhock II DAW, a new version of its Usine Hollyhock DAW available for MAC OS and Windows. Usine Hollyhock II is a professional audio modular software dedicated to live music and real-time installations and which introduces several revolutionary concepts.

Main Features in Usine Hollyhock II:

  • Support for video and DMX/Art-net for lighting
  • New timeline grid
  • New automation record
  • New GUI
  • More than 50 new modules, including a Grain-Sampler and MIDI Sampler
  • Support for 3D and Leap V2
  • Support for SMPTE, MIDI Timecode (MTC) and Linear Timecode protocoles
  • OSC Learn for all the controls
  • New library
  • Support for 64 channels for each audio module
  • 128 audio inputs and outputs
  • Optimized engine
  • New open source SDK
  • More than 500 improvements

Hollyhock II DAW is available in two new editions: Pro version and Addict version. Both can be purchased for with an introductory price with 50% OFF. So you will pay 69 € instead of 199 € for the Pro version and 249 € instead of 449 € for the Addict version. This promotion is time limited!

Perhaps this program is not as popular as Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Reason or FL Studio, but if you’re curious to see what you it can do, it’s worth trying. You can do this by downloading the trial version directly from Sensomusic website, and then decide if it is worth buying.

More Details: Hollyhock II

One thought on “Usine Hollyhock II MAC/PC DAW by Sensomusic

  1. Shane Hull says:

    Usine Hollyhock has quickly come a long way in a short amount of time. The Sensomusic team are creating a wonderful suite of tools that any musician or production artist can build upon. I have searched for years for a DAW software that I could expand with and customize to my own personal interfacing and utility. Through the last few iterations I not only found a DAW in which I can capture my performances, but an instrument composed as the basics of a modular DAW. The sound from Hollyhock has really led me to look at this software as not only a standard rack/modular layout, but truly an expanding library that I can build upon. Hollyhock has in my opinion become my primary instrument, allowing me to integrate all others..acoustically, and electronically. After several years, I am continually finding new things and have always had the ability to find a solution to what I am after, and if I found it difficult…well no other software really has a team and community quite like this. Sensomusic is pushing the boundaries well beyond current technology: in my honesty and professional experience….and there are many out there who need to realize that this is what they have been looking for all along.

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