Red Plug-in Suite Review by Focusrite

Red Plugin Suite Review

One of the recording blogs I follow had an interesting post today. It said the two most important things in a mix are compressors and eq. Since I trust what he says, it only stands to reason you should get yourself some good ones. With all the offerings available where do you start looking? I suggest you begin with a trip to to see their new Red Plugin Suite.

This suite includes an eq plugin and compressor plugin, both modeled after vintage hardware. The eq, Red 2, is a 6 band parametric with a high/low pass and shelf plus two sweep-able mid bands. I have a few different species of eq and this one still finds a place. It has a very musical sound that adds something special to what it’s placed on. Red 2 has found a permanent spot on my instruments. I really loved what it gave my piano, guitars (acoustic and electric) and snare. I had no trouble getting that high end sparkle and clarity we all want without needing to poke my ears out. It also performed well on vocals which is the main reason you start searching beyond the stock DAW plugin offerings. I could dial in the vocal sound I wanted with very little effort.

Red 3 is the suite’s compressor. This is a very versatile unit. It has all the standard things you would hope to find such as threshold, ratio, attack ,release and make up gain. It also adds a couple things that I find really useful; an auto release button and a dry/wet knob. I am not too proud to admit the auto release feature is worth buying the bundle. It is a real time saver to those of us still working on setting releases to the music. The dry/wet knob is nice too. You can grab a parallel type sound without the sidechain setup, which comes in handy in a lot of scenarios. This compressor fared well on whatever I put it on. In the end I loved what it did to my bass more than anything else, but it also did great on vocals, guitars and snares.

Overall this is a solid bundle that deserves serious consideration for a first non-stock plugin purchase or an addition to a vast collection. They are versatile enough that you don’t feel like you are getting a one trick pony, which is important when your budget is tight. They do their job and do it well, but that is what you expect from a company like Focusrite.

Great sound+time saving = FANTASTIC PLUGIN!

More Details/Buying Options: Red Plugin Suite by Focusrite

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