Useful Free VST SN01-G VCA Compressor by Sender Spike

SN01-G VCA Free Compressor Free VST Plugin

Recently I discovered some very interesting and useful plugins developed by Sender Spike, best of all they are completely free, so it’s totally worth your attention. The first plugin released by Sender Spike is this compressor called SN01-G VCA Compressor, which is a VCA style dynamic range compressor. And when it comes to its name – S stands for Signal, N for Noise, and 01 is obviously the ordinal number.

The tool emulates two classic VCA compressors (British and American). The plug-in is graphically very successful because it reminds of the hardware models. Optionally, you can add a sidechain filter and mix the effect parallel to the original (dry/wet). There is actually nothing more to say. It is definitely worth trying out! And since you (hopefully) were all good, the manufacturer adds a free VU meter on top.

The plug-in runs on Windows 7 or higher than VST in 64 bit. Check all the Sender Spike plugins here.