Ultimate Mixer For Ableton Live 8 and 9Kevin Kripper has released Ultimate Mixer with Max For Live for Ableton Live music making software.

Ultimate Mixer is THE floating Mixer for Ableton Live…what was missing to complete it! It is built 100% in Max MSP and it works with both Live 8 and 9 (Max 6).

Ableton Live Ultimate Mixer Features:

  • Stretchable channels
  • Live’s skins adaptable
  • Change the name and color of each track
  • Inserts display
  • Sends control
  • I-O & Monitor control
  • Add tracks (up to 50) and returns
  • Stay-on-top
  • Auto-resize depending on window size
  • MIDI & Key Mapping

Ultimate Mixer price is $9.99 USD

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