Ultimate 808 Drum Library Pack by The Producers Choice

Ultimate 808 Drum Library - The Producers ChoiceThe Producers Choice present Ultimate 808 Drum Library, a new drum kit of new era music producers that features world’s loudest 808 drums for your beats: pitched 808 drums, trap hats loops, snare rolls, urban tones and more.

This original 808 drum kit is the perfect solution for all beatmakers who need to go forward with their productions and need professional sound arsenals for that. Compatible with the majority with DAW programs as FL Studio, Garageband, Logic Pro and more.

Ultimate 808 Drum Library Features:

  • 458 Drum Samples & Loops
  • 163 Classic TR808 Samples (Including Trap HiHat Loops)
  • TR808 BassDrums Pitched from A to G# (60 Samples)
  • 84 Layered Bass Drum, Snare Drum & Clap Samples
  • 41 Distorted BDs and FX
  • 87 Perfect Looping 808BDs for Trap & Urban Production
  • 24 Pitched Timpani Samples A to G#
  • WAV format – HD
  • Will work with almost ANY music software/hardware
  • Instant secure delivery – so you can add to your beats in 30 seconds
  • These 808 kick drum samples will change your tracks forever

Suitable for genres like trap, south, hip hop and many more genres where you need 808’s sounds.

UPDATE: This product is not available anymore. Check out the 808 Renaissance, one of the best 808 drum libraries you can get these days!

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