Two Free Sample Packs by Mayo Staccato

Free Sample Packs by Mayo Staccato

Mayo Staccato brings two “free to download” sample packs, obviously called Free Sample Pack 1 and Free Sample Pack 2 – what did you expect? 🙂

Mayo Staccato is an electronic music producer and maker of sample packs from the USA. Feel free to check his SoundCloud and listen to his work and productions.

All Samples in these collections are stereo .wav’s, 24-bit PCM, they are 100% royalty-free and do not require attribution when used in commercial or non-commercial projects (attribution is required for redistribution, but that consists of leaving the metadata alone, so it preserves the developer as the original author).

Sample Pack 1 is a 2.13 MB .Zip Archive (3.63 MB unzipped) and contains three folders:

  • Kicks (contains 9 kicks)
  • FX (10 different FX samples)
  • and Claps (17 Claps and a Snap)

Sample Pack 2 is a 7.14 MB .ZIP Archive (8.28 MB unzipped) and contains five folders:

  • Adlibs (contains 13 vocal samples)
  • Claps and Snaps (10 different claps, snaps and a tap)
  • Fx-Miscellaneous (4 Bongos, 2 FX)
  • Kicks (7 Kicks)
  • and Snares (has 11 snares)

All of these samples were recorded/processed by Mayo Staccato. NO samples are modified from authors other than Mayo.

More Details/Download: Free Sample Pack 1 | Free Sample Pack 2

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