When the mix is ready
I was, like many others, in his work on a mix, when it seems that the mix to never end, there is still something to adjust, modify, as you listen you have a little change here, a little change beyond…and then how do you know when your mix is ready?

Can you measure it? or you can determine its quality and say it’s ready? At some point, you have to leave it and to go to the next project.

It would be too good to be simple to find the perfect recipe. Mixing is a subjective thing, there is no good or bad, right or wrong. When you decide that mix is ready, then it’s ready.

I will give you some tips that may help you decide more easily:

1. Your mix should sound good on many types of audio systems.

The easiest way is to listening to your final mix on other audio speakers than your studio monitors or headphones you worked at it. I mean the car, laptop, phone, headphones type “ear”, Hi-Fi, .etc. In any case, make sure you feel the same pleasure to listen to any of the systems.

However, note that it will sound different, but that’s no problem. Important is to sound good.

2. Your mix should sound close to known similar mixes of the music market.

You can get another mix where you like how it sound, and the musical style is closest to your work, and compare them in DAW. Listen to the sound, the homogeneity of the mix sounds, tonal balance. Sounds a bit too slow, or you have too much high on the mix? Adjust!

The comparison helps, it gives you a direction!

3. Your mix should be interesting from beginning to end.

Your audio mix is not ready until it keeps your attention and interest from start to finish. Sometimes simple automation or arranging of sounds can keep the listener’s interest.

Put yourself in the place of the listener, and give your hat sound engineer off. Be honest with you compared to what you listen, and make corresponding changes in mix.

4. When any changes worsen the quality of sound, then it’s done, leave it.

You can not make adjustments to infinity. Simply, at a time, whatever you will do will not improve the final mix. It’s time to leave the mix and move to the next project.

Meanwhile, you can give your mix to someone to ask other opinions, preferably to a guy who is a professional or work in the music production field and ask for “feedback”.

When you can boast it to everybody, it means you are satisfied with your track and that’s it, it’s done!

You can leave a comment below if you have any questions or something to complete.

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