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Tricky Traps Max For Live Devices by Sonic Faction

Tricky Traps Ableton Live Devices
Tricky Traps Max For Live Devices
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Sonic Faction proudly presents Tricky Traps, a collection of 16 creative spanning sequencers, instruments, Audio and MIDI effects for Ableton Live and Max for Live.

What can you do whit these devices? Simply chain them together and create unexpected sounds and rhythmic moments. Each device from Tricky Traps has its own unique properties allowing to quickly generate new sounds and to interact with your sound in real-time using Push or Launchpad Pro Grid. Discover a whole new world of modulation and expressive with the 3 audio effects included with Tricky Traps.

Let’s recap what you will get…

  • 16 creative devices
    • 5 unique sequencers
    • 3 audio effects
    • 8 instruments

See each device in the gallery below:

Tricky Traps devices by Sonic Faction provides simple and beautiful sounding instruments to be used in conjunction with its MIDI and audio effects.

Tricky Traps for Ableton Live and Max for Live is available at Plugin Boutique website for £45 GBP. Requires Ableton Live 9.6 (or higher) Suite and Max For Live 7 (or higher).

[box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””]After purchase, please email support@pluginboutique.com stating your order number and which Sonic Faction products you would like 50% off codes for.[/box]

More Details: Tricky Traps

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