Trap Drums Samples Loops Vol 2
£29,95 – BUY NOW

Freaky Loops is back with Trap Drums 2, the second pack from their Trap drums loops and samples series. This new pack includes 1025 drum samples special designed for any Trap music producer who need more inspiration to create new beats, patterns and grooves.

In detail “Trap Drums Vol 2” includes 848 Drum Hits and 117 Drum Loops. Drum Hits are foldered as; 200 Snares (contains 30 Analog Snares, 60 Multi Layered Snares, 60 NYC Snares and 50 Synth Snares) 175 Cymbals (contains 100 Closed Hihat, 25 Crashes, 25 Open Hihats and 25 Rides), 108 Kicks (contains 10 Heavy Kicks, 50 Hiphop Kicks, 33 Sub Kicks and 15 Synth Kicks), 100 Percussion, 90 Claps, 75 Glitches & Percussion Fx, 75 Toms and 25 Rims.

Drum Loops is organized into seven folders as: 50 Drum Loops, 36 Top Drum Loops, 8 Hihat Loops, 7 Drum Fills, 7 Snare Loops, 6 Kick Loops and 3 Clap Loops.

All sounds are organised into folders for easy access and can be used in your productions! If that wasn’t already enough, we also give you 60 mind-bending samples as a BONUS.

All loops range between 75 to 150 BPM which they are recorded 24 bits also they are tempo-labelled for flexibility.

This sample pack is available at priced at £29,95.

More Details/Audio Demos: Trap Drums 2

Also check Trap Drums 1




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