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Transistor Bass for FL Studio 12.3 Released by Image-Line

Transistor Bass for FL Studio 12.3

Image-Line has released Transistor Bass, a subtractive synthesizer instrument exclusive for FL Studio 12.3 version.

This synth was created inspired by the legendary Roland TB303™ Bassline synthesizer. Besides the original features, the plugin brings some new concepts and features that can not be found on the original hardware unit.

Exactly what? Well, you should know that Transistor Bass comes with an enhanced guitar distortion, a modern sequencer and a new FX section including delay and reverb effects.

You can edit your bassline patterns fast and easy using the sequencer. The included LFO can be used to adjust or modulate the pulse width of the square waveform.

A feature that is common with its hardware predecessor is the high pass parameter, only that in this software version it is more flexible and can be adjusted to greatly change the character of the low frequencies.

And that’s not all, the user interface (GUI) is very well-designed and even allows you to choose between four colors: Black, Blue, Black Blue and Acid. You can choose different colors for any preset, so it is quite visually interesting.

Transistor Bass subtractive synthesizer plugin

You should know that Transistor Bass synthesizer plugin is available only with FL Studio 12.3 music software, in both commercial or demo versions. If you already own FL Studio you can get this synth as an extra on top of your DAW for €70.

Find more details about Transistor Bass subtractive synthesizer by visiting the Image-Line website (link below).

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