Transgressor Plugin Released by Boz Digital Labs

Transgressor Plugin

Boz Digital Labs has released Transgressor, a new transient shaper audio plugin effect especially created to manipulate your drums.

Boz Digital Labs introduces their Transgressor plugin as “a new standard” for drum manipulation.

“Transgressor is the new standard of transient design. While transient designers let you control the level of your transients, we found that approach just never gave us the results we were looking for. We found that while adjusting the level of transients can impact your sound, the real power came from being able to EQ your transients and sustains separately.”

In this way, you’ll get separate EQ control over your transients and sustains, shaping your attack exactly in the way you want.

Transgressor let you use the sidechain detector, adding more flexibility in your creative process.


  • Separate EQs for your transients and sustains
  • Increase or soften the impact of your drums
  • Sidechain capable transient control

Transgressor is available for PC and Mac in VST, AU, RTAS, and AAX formats directly in our store (license delivery in seconds).

New Version Available: Transgressor 2

Transgressor Drum Walkthrough Video:

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