Traktor Kontrol X1 Controller by Native Instruments

Traktor Kontrol X1 ControllerNative Instruments has released the Traktor Kontrol X1, a new compact controller for Traktor integration.

Top features of Traktor Kontrol X1:

  • Control two track decks and two TRAKTOR FX units
  • Touch strip controls track position, pitchbend, loops and FX
  • RGB back-lit triggers identify cue points from loops or markers

Traktor Kontrol X1 delivers as much power as portability controlling TRAKTOR decks and effects. Whether DJing all-digital, or using timecode control, the new X1 now delivers added instant control over all essential DJ functions on 2 track decks for seamless command of TRAKTOR software and a design that feels instantly familiar.

A new tactile touch strip brings you closer to the music without ever having to reach for your turntable or CDJ –perfect for quick, precise nudging, track seeking, or loops and effects control.

Traktor Kontrol X1 features smooth, ultra-precise buttons and knobs – all pre-mapped for instantaneous setup, keeping you laser-focused on performance. On the road, TRAKTOR KONTROL STAND offers rugged protection and elevates the X1 up to standard mixer height.

Check here for more details.

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