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Tracktion 6 DAW is Now FREE

Free Tracktion 6 DAW

Tracktion Corporation has made a gratifying announcement, namely that their Traktion 6 digital audio workstation (DAW) is now available for free.

Tracktion has existed since 2002 and was originally developed by Julian Storer.

In 2003 Mackie took over the distribution of the software until the year 2013.

From then on the distribution was taken over by the Tracktion Software Corporation itself.

Tracktion 6 is available since April 2015 and offers a lot of interesting innovations.

Tracktion 6 is available in 32- and 64-bit version and these run on the Mac, a Windows-PC and under Linux.

Trackion 6 is slim and – especially if you keep the price in mind – now it’s free of charge.

Tracktion features a Marketplace hub from where you can purchase an get new expansions, plugins, and much more.

I personally put the Tracktion 6 near Music Magix or Garageband. For beginners, this is a very good music software.

You will get a fully-equipped Sequencer, which is easy to operate and for the majority of tasks in the production day is quite sufficient.

If you are looking for a free music production software, or are you curious to try something new, I recommend you take a look to the T6 – link below.

More Details: Tracktion 6 

Windows 10 Pro License

+ Free upgrade to Windows 11

Special Deal For Producers: $14.99 Regular: $49.99

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