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Tracks Live Recording Software Released by Waves

Waves Tracks Live

Waves has released Tracks Live, a new multi-track recording software available for both Windows and MAC systems. Tack Live was created for and with live sound engineers tp capture live performances.

Using Tracks Live for live recordings you can easely switch between stereo out and multi-out modes to toggle back and forth between recording and virtual sound-check. Also the automatic multi-channel re-routing adapts to any changes you make on the fly, making Tracks Live to be perfect in recording even hundreds of tracks.


  • ASIO/Core Audio-compatible and works with virtually any audio interface
  • PC- and Mac-compatible
  • Record and play back hundreds of tracks
  • Supported sample rate of up to 192 kHz
  • File formats compatible with all popular DAWS
  • Automatic track routing configuration
  • Fast switching between recording and virtual soundcheck
  • Meter bridge view for easy monitoring
  • System lock (to protect against accidental key pressing)

Tracks Live is available for free download. You may also purchase Tracks Live Premium Service for $99 and receive:

  • FREE MultiRack (Reg. $600) – limited-time offer
  • Phone and email tech support
  • Priority updates and bug fixes

More Details: Tracks Live

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