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Trackformer XW-DJ1 and XW-PD1 DJ Controllers by Casio

January is here, this means companies getting ready to show us what they worked last year, what new goodies will release in 2015. This year debuting with the currently-underway Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and towards the end of this month the upcoming NAMM show in Anaheim (USA).

First news come from Casio. They has announced the releases of two new Trackformer DJ products, the XW-DJ1 DJ Controller and XW-PD1 Groove Center.

XW–PD1 Groove Center

XW–PD1 Groove Center

The XW-PD1 Groove Center that includes the sound engine from Casio’s XW series of synthesizers. The XW-PD1 design features 16 velocity-sensitive pads and 4 knobs for fast real-time music production.

Also, XW-PD1 controller features an outer ring containing 16 buttons, that allow you to visualize the current rhythm pattern at a glance. Users can create rhythms and phrases with the pads as well as apply DSP effects such as roll, filter, bit crusher, break, and pitch shifter.

XW–DJ1 DJ Controller

XW–DJ1 DJ Controller

Casio’s XW-DJ1 DJ Controller features a 7-inch platter that provides the feel of an analog turntable, filter controls and cross fader. The XW-DJ1 is compatible with Algoriddim’s djay2 apps.

The XW-DJ1 integration with djay2 provides direct controls for cue points, tempo sync, effects and looping. The XW-DJ1 is a portable DJ controller because it is battery-powered and offers a built-in-speaker.

The two Trackformer controllers can also be used in tandem. The audio output of the XW-DJ1 can be connected to the audio input of the XW-PD1. This lets users do remix performances, using the unique capabilities of each product.

The XW-DJ1 DJ Controller will be available from January 2015, for $299.

The XW-PD1 Groove Center will be available from March 2015 for $399.

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