touchAble 3 Ableton Live Controller for iPad

TouchAble entered the iOS market eight years ago and turned an iPad into an ultimate controller for Ableton Live, and now is available in version 3.3.6 which is now fully compatible with Ableton Live 10.

Let’s see what’s new in this version and what you can do with this app.

Now, the creators behind the successful app are presenting the new touchAble Pro development from the ground up was reprogrammed.

The user interface looks much tidier and users can freely combine the individual control modules. The piano roll view has also been redesigned.

New to the program is the Audio Clip Editor, which displays the waveform as in the software and allows for accurate sample editing.

In general, touchAble Pro is very similar to the original devices in Ableton Live and looks like an extended view of the DAW – just with touch functions.

You can get the latest versions on the iOS App Store now.

The Servers & Scripts have been updated to version 3.7. Please make sure to install the latest version of both before you start using the latest app-version.

Other changes include:

  • Fixed issues that could happen when used with Live 9 on Windows.
  • touchAble can now access Drum Racks that are nested within other Racks.
  • Fixed access to Live’s Library via the Browser
  • Fixed possible issues with grouped tracks.
  • Server & Connection improvements.
  • And many other smaller fixes & improvements.

Hope you enjoy touchAble with Live 10 🙂

More Details: touchAble 3





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