Total Drum and Bass – Ultimate Bundle Pack by Prime Loops

Drum and Bass Loops

For all those who love DnB, Prime Loops presents Total Drum & Bass – Ultimate Bundle, a great collection of seven hottest Drum and Bass royalty free samples packs available for a special price with 50% OFF than regular.

This bundle of loops and samples weights 1.4GB and will surely satisfy your D&B cravings.

Let’s see what exactly include:

Total Drum & Bass Vol 1

339MB of straight-up 24-Bit DnB Samples, featuring 20 powerful drum loops, 25 intense neuro Reese bass samples, 20 raw synth loops, 32 DnB FX, 20 dark atmospheres, 27 tight perc loops and 30 hard knocking D&B drum one-shots samples.

Total Drum & Bass Vol 2

This second volume includes over 235MB of Orchestral DnB, featuring 30 Drum Breaks and Loops, 90 Synth and Bass Loops, 20 Orchestral Loops, 20 One Shots, 40 Bass Loops, 50 bass one shots, 20 Synth loops and 120 Drum Hits.

Total Drum & Bass Vol 3

This pack features over 293MB of Dark DnB created by Bass Music experts from Total Samples and features 36 Drum Breaks and Loops, 21 Synth and 25 Bass Loops, SFX, 27 One Shots and more. All sounds are royalty-free for use.

Total Drum & Bass Vol 4

Inspired by Noisia, Calyx & Teebee, Phace & Misanthrop, Prolix and more, this sample pack includes 320MB+ of 25 drum hits, 27 drum loops, 20 drum top loops, 23 bass one-shots, 36 bass and synth loops, 26 texture sounds and 39 FX sounds.

Total Drum & Bass Vol 5

306MB+ of Heavy Drum & Bass samples, featuring 125 drum hits, 20 drum loops, 21 bass sounds and loops, 20 melody lines and 26 FX DnB samples.

Muzzy: Drum & Bass

This is the Official Muzzy Drum and Bass Sample Pack! Featuring over 320MB Muzzy’s Trademark D&B Sounds, 38 bass loops, 41 synth loops, 34 drum loops, 30 drum one-shots, 22 FX and Vox samples.

High Maintenance: Drum & Bass

This is the official High Maintenance drum & bass sample pack. Features 28 drum hits, 34 drum loops, 26 bass one-shots, 56 bass loops and cuts, 25 synth one-shots 71 synth loops and cuts, 29 FX samples, everything you need to make a D&B Banger!

Each sample pack from this series cost £17.95, but if you choose to buy the entire collection will only paying half the price.

Regular Price €176.58 Special Price: €88.30 ($94.86)

Total Drum & Bass – Ultimate Bundle sample pack series is exclusively available at Prime Loops site!

All samples are 100% royalty-free for use in your own productions.

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