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TORQUE Drum Enhancer Plugin Released by Waves

Waves Torque VST Plugin

Waves has released the Torque plugin, which is designed to exceed the capabilities of an ordinary pitch shifter. Torque, the new plug-in from Waves will change the drums.

If you realize that the drums in your mix were not tuned properly then Torque will help you to fix this. Waves Torque is designed specifically for drums and transforms the instruments without changing the root.

“Torque is a precision drum tone shifter that will help you salvage mistuned drums, pitch them to a specific key and enhance their tone – without retriggering or replacing, without the artifacts introduced by traditional pitch shifters, and without losing body, timbre, resonance or attack.”

Waves gives the user controls for Threshold, Speed, Torque, Torque Trim, and Output Volume. Sufficient, even if an input trim would certainly not hurt anyone.

Waves Torque VST Plugin

The analyzer is located at the top, in which the focus is adjusted, ie the frequency range, which is to be adapted.

At the center of Torque’s modern design is a large-area shift knob, which can be moved up or down by up to 1200 cents, (12 halftones or one octave).

Let’s recap:

  • Tone shifter for acoustic and electronic drums
  • Adjusts drum timbre & pitch without retriggering or replacing
  • Accurately shifts by +/- 1200 cents (12 semitones / 1 octave)
  • Focus section for precision formant/frequency control
  • Precision threshold & trim controls
  • Torque Live component with zero latency
  • Driven by Waves’ Organic ReSynthesis® technology

You can use Torque in live shows or/and studio assignments, the results will always be satisfying, your drums will always sound right.

Waves has once again created a very useful plugin that ProducerSpot recommends to all producers and engineers.

Price & Availability

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Waves Torque Plugin

Waves Torque is available as usual as VST, VST3, AU and AAX in 32 and 64 Bit for Windows and OSX and/or macOS.

The introductory price is 29 USD, later 69 USD, so catch the offer until the expiration (30th September)!

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