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Top Plugins and Sound Packs For Making Great Sounding AfroBeats

In this post, we’ll explore the top plugins and sound packs for making AfroBeats, bridging the gap between amateur and professional production. This genre is known for its polyrhythmic drum patterns, catchy basslines, and simple, yet memorable melodies.

Quick Note: As you listen to the sample packs, you’ll notice that the patterns are simple, but using the wrong sounds will result in cheap and inauthentic sounding production.


Top Afrobeats Sample Packs You Must Have

A few of our favorite Afrobeats sample packs in no particular order.

1. Vanilla Afrobeats Sample Pack

SMEMO SOUNDS - VANILLA Afrobeats Sample Pack

Total Sounds: 282
WAV Loops: 140

  • Guitar Loops
  • Drum Loops
  • Melodic Loops

MIDI Files: 86, allowing for full control and customization of melodies.
One-Shots: 56, enabling the creation of new beats, fills, and loops.

More Sound Pack Information

The pack features a mix that has been carefully EQ-ed. The sounds and loops are designed to be easily editable and customizable, allowing producers to create unique tracks.


2. Totori Afrobeats

SMEMO SOUNDS - TOTORI Afrobeats WAV Loops Pack

Draws inspiration from artists like Burna Boy, Ckay, Tayc, Wizkid, and J Balvin.

5 Construction Kits

142 WAV Loops

  • Synths
  • Keys
  • Guitars
  • Flutes
  • Bells

MIDI Files: 94 MIDI files, giving you full control over the melodic arrangements
One-Shots: 66 WAV one-shots
Mix Quality: All sound files are professionally mixed and mastered


3. Grammys Afrobeats


Grammys Afrobeats” draws inspiration from Burnaboy, Wizkid, Davido, and Yemi Alade.

Total Sounds: Over 226 individual sounds.
WAV Loops: More than 100 music loops, including:

  • 22 Melody Loops
  • 63 Drum & Percussion Loops
  • 9 Bass Loops
  • 8 Vocal Loops

MIDI Files: 37 files offering melodies, basslines, and drum patterns.

One-Shots: 89 total

  • 52 Percussions
  • 15 Snares & Rims
  • 5 Kicks
  • 17 FX & Other sounds


4. Wakanda – Afrobeats Samples


Wakanda – Afrobeats Samples is inspired by Wizkid, Tems, Davido, Omah Lay, Kizz Daniel, Teni, Buju, just to name a few.

Pack Details

5 Beat Construction Kits:  Key and tempo labeling, 24-Bit WAV quality.

Sounds: 141 total 103 WAV loops and 38 MIDI files.

  • Electric Pianos
  • Vocal Chops
  • Log Drums
  • Drums and Percussion


All loops and samples in the pack are 100% royalty-free, ensuring they can be used in any project without legal limitations.

Top VST3 Plugin Instruments For Afrobeats

Here’s some software instruments you’ll want to have in your Arsenal if you’re planning on making Afrobeats.

1. Heat Up 3: Good Option For Afrobeats?

Top AfroBeats Vst Plugins Heatup3

‘Heat Up 3’ is great option for Afrobeat production, offering great sounds that cater to various genres, including but not limited to Hip-hop, Trap, Afrobeats, Drill, and R&B. This makes ‘Heat Up 3’ a versatile choice for producers aiming to explore different aspects of music production.

Number of Instruments: 1000+ More Than Enough

The plugin features a stock sound collection of 1,500 instruments, providing everything you need to make banging production.


Heat Up 3 Feature List

  • Over 850 Instruments: Diverse library covering all music genres.
  • Multi-Sample Based: Authentic sounds with detailed expression.
  • Voice Modes: Polyphonic and monophonic options for varied playability.
  • Sound Creation: Advanced synthesis with real instrument samples.
  • Effects: 500 types in 38 categories.
  • Rhythm Tools: Builtin sequencer and arpeggiators
  • Compatibility: Supports VST, AU, and AAX in both Windows and Mac.


2. Xpand!2: The Goated Vst (Every FL Studio Producer Knows This)

Xpand!2 is a workstation with 2,500 presets, ranging from wavetables and FM synthesis to sample playback. Its features, such as four multitimbral parts per patch, various voice modes, and arpeggiation, make it ideal for creating complex Afrobeats patterns.

 Top Sample packs and Music production Plugins for Afrobeats AIR Music Xpand! 2 VST Synth Plugin

Xpand!2 Discount Price

Xpand!2 Feature List

  • 2500+ Presets: Wide range of sounds for all music genres.
  • Four-Channel Multitimbral: Layer multiple sounds per patch.
  • Voice Options: 64 voices per part, with mono and poly modes.
  • Synthesis & Playback: Subtractive, FM, tone wheels, samples.
  • Fx: 50 types across two processors.
  • Arpeggiators: Dedicated for each channel.


Heatup 3 vs Xpand!2: A Synth-sational Afrobeat Duel!

No seriously, this is a better look at the breakdown between both vst plugins, both are great across all genres.

Plugin FeatureHeat Up 3Xpand!2
Instruments850+ instruments across all genres2500+ presets for diverse styles
SynthesisMulti-sample based with real samplesSubtractive, FM, tone wheels, samples
Voice ModesPolyphonic and monophonic options64 voices per part, mono and poly
EffectsOver 500 types in 38 categories50 types across two processors
Rhythmic ToolsSequencer and arpeggiators includedDedicated arpeggiator for each channel
User InterfaceUser-friendly, intuitive designStreamlined, easy navigation
ExpansionsNumerous availableNot specified
CompatibilityVST, AU, AAX for Windows and MacVST, AU for Windows and Mac
FocusDesigned for modern urban genresBroad range suitable for all genres
PricingHeat Up 3 Price: $89 -$149Xpand!2 Price: $14 to $99 depending on sales


Afro Beats Tempo: How Fast Should My Afrobeats Be?

A lot of Afrobeats fall within the 90 to 190 beats per minute (BPM) range. You’ll notice that many of the tracks with higher BPM are made in double time. A sweet spot is for many is often found between 95-120 BPM. This tempo keeps your music energetic enough for dancing, yet not so fast that it’s hard to keep up with.


AfroBeats vs Afro Beat: What’s The Difference?

Here’s a fast and dirty breakdown of the differences between Afro Beat and Afrobeats. In a nutshell, one is highly commercialized and used as a promo piece in terms of its naming structure. The other is the authentic genre.


IndexGenre – Afro BeatSub Genre – Afrobeats
Origin1960s and 1970s in NigeriaEarly 2000s in the UK and Nigeria
PioneerFela KutiVarious artists, genre evolution
Musical StyleFusion of West African styles with American jazz, funk, and soulFusion of hip hop, dancehall, highlife, and UK house
InstrumentsTraditional African and western instruments (e.g., saxophone, trumpet)Primarily electronic instruments and production techniques, mixed with live instrumentation and vocal chops
CharacteristicsComplex rhythms, large bands, lengthy solos, political lyricsUpbeat, catchy rhythms and melodies, dance-oriented
ThemesSocial and political issuesLove, success, partying, more commercial

Top DAWs For Creating Afro Beats

We’ve talked about the sounds and the beats, but what about the DAW? Which DAWs are most ideal for producing Afro Beats? Think of a DAW as your canvas where you mix, match, and create your music. Here are three DAWs you can try; all are good and will get the job done.

1. Reason Studios: Excellent Songwriting Tools, SSL Mixer and VST Rack Plugin

Reason Studios has significantly evolved from its early days when it did not support third party plugins. One of the best features of Reason is that it now functions as a vst plugin, known as Reason Rack and includes a wide range of music production tools, ranging from drum machines, samplers, and loop players to synthesizers and generative tools such as chord and melody generators.

Reason Studios Afrobeats DAWs

It operates very similarly to hardware, allowing components to be routed automatically. Alternatively, you can turn the racks around and manually route your effects and production units to create custom routing chains, thus crafting unique processing capabilities.

2. FL Studio: One Of The Most Popular DAWs For Beat Makers

FL Studio has everything you need to make beats. Many top Afrobeat producers swear by FL Studio because of its ease of use, features like ‘scale highlighting,’ playlists, and a unique step sequencer streamlining the beat making process.

FL Studio 21.2 Update Stem Separation FL Cloud

It comes packed with stock synthesizers like Harmor and Morphine, alongside rhythm programming tools like Stylus. Additionally, it offers a wide range of stock virtual instruments, samples, and mixing plugins. Lastly, Image-Line provides free updates for life.

3. Logic Pro X: Simple Workflow, Great Stock Sounds/Mixing Tools, CPU Efficient

Unlike the other DAWs mentioned, Logic Pro X is exclusive to Mac users, thanks to Apple. It includes impressive stock instruments, orchestral libraries, and drums and percussion sounds that fit well with Afro Beats.

Logic Pro DAW - Best Music Production Software (DAW)

Logic also provides quality stock production tools such as drum machines, synths, samplers, mixing tools, and analog emulation processing units like compressors and EQs.

Price wise, Logic Pro is set at around £199 and offers free lifetime updates, similar to FL Studio.

Ultimately, it all comes down to preferences, what you can afford, and how you like to work.



Making good Afrobeats requires a blend of traditional sounds, rhythms, and modern production techniques. By integrating the top plugins and sound packs recommended in this post, you’ll be well on your way to creating quality beats with great grooves and sound selection that’ll help make your Afrobeats stand out.



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