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Top 10 Loop Packs Music Producers Must Have (Hiphop, Lo-Fi, Drill)

Music producers, it’s time to step your game up. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 loop packs every music producer should have in their arsenal. Whether you’re producing hip hop beats, Drill or Lofi, we have something for everyone here these packs are guaranteed to take your sound to the next level.

Top Must Have Sample Loop Packs

Sample and loop packs are a vital tool for any music producer, allowing them to easily add variety and depth to their tracks. With so many options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your specific genre. That’s why we’ve narrowed down the selection to a top few in multiple genres.

1. EastCoast Hip Hop Sample Packs

Hip hop is a cultural movement that began in 1970s New York, combining rap, DJing, graffiti, and breakdancing. One of its musical styles, boom bap, emerged in the late 1980s in the US, known for its hard hitting drums and raw sound, emphasizing the rhythm with a distinctive ‘boom’ and ‘bap’ of the kick and snare drums, defining the golden age of hip hop.

Sounds and characteristics of Hiphop Production:

1. Hard hitting drum beats: Provides foundational rhythm and energy of the genre.

2. Sampled Instruments: Piano, horns, strings, bass drums, organs, flutes, and samples are generally lifted from vinyl records and compositions spanning all genres: jazz, funk, soul, world music, cartoons, movies, etc.

3. Thick basslines: These are often sampled from records, synthesizers, live bass, and filters. Depending on the original sample, it may be filtered down with the low end boosted to serve as the bass.

4. Minimalist production: Creates a raw, stripped-down sound that emphasizes the beat and leaves space for vocals.

KRYPTIC SAMPLES - DARK EAST HIP HOP BUNDLE 1990s Hip Hop Vol 1 - Loops Pack by Kryptic SamplesCartel Loops - Hip Hop Classic Vol.1 Cartel Loops - HipHop Classic 2


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2. Drill Sample Packs

Drill music is a sub-genre of hip-hop originating from the South Side of Chicago in the early 2010s. Known for its dark, grim, and violent lyrical content, drill reflects the harsh realities of urban life. The genre has a distinctive, aggressive style, often associated with minimalistic beats and a focus on lyrical storytelling.

Sounds used in drill music typically include:

1. Sliding 808 Basslines: Melodic, sliding 808 with saturation providing great grooves

2. Drill Drum Patterns: Sparse, syncopated drum and percussion work featuring rapid hi-hats, heavy kicks, and sharp snares.

3. Drill Melodies: Created using minor chords and eerie synth lines to give a dark and ominous feel

4. Drill Vocals: Pitched to add a unique, haunting quality to the tracks.

5. Drill Sound Fx: Includes sirens, gunshots, vocal chops, or ambient sounds to enhance the gritty, tense mood.

Jungle Loops - Drill Society Drill Loops Pack Sonics Empire - Bronx Drill Sound Pack Jungle Loops - Just A Drill Loops Pack DRILL STASH DRUM KIT


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3. R&B/Soul Sample Packs

R&B, or Rhythm and Blues, originated in the African American communities in the 1940s. It combines jazz, gospel, and blues elements, focusing on emotional expressions of love, heartbreak, and other personal themes. Modern R&B incorporates elements from pop, hip-hop, and electronic music, known for its smooth melodies and soulful vocal styles.

Sounds used in R&B music typically include:

1. Basslines: Provide a warm, groove oriented foundation to the music.

2. Soulful vocal harmonies: Emphasize emotional depth and are often the track’s centerpiece.

3. R&B Keyboard Pads: Create a lush and rich atmospheric backdrop.

4. R&B Drums: Crisp, laid-back drum beats and percussion offer a relaxed, steady rhythm.

5. Guitar Riffs: Gentle additions provide a melodic, sometimes sensual layer.

6. R&B Synths: Modern R&B incorporates synthesizers and electronic sounds for a contemporary feel.


Diamond Loopz - Dope RnB Vol.1 Diamond Loopz - Dope R&B 2  Dope RnB 3 Wav MIDI PackSonics Empire - RnB Flavor

If you’re looking to add some soulful vibe to your music production, investing in top-quality R&B/Soul Music Loops Packs is a must. These packs offer an extensive collection of professionally recorded loops that range from melodic piano riffs, funky bass lines, groovy drums beats to lush vocal harmonies.

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4. LO-FI Sample Packs

Lo-Fi music often blends hip hop beats with jazz, soul, and ambient influences, creating a laid-back sound that’s ideal for studying, relaxing, or unwinding. The genre is particularly popular on streaming platforms and YouTube, where 24/7 lo-fi radio streams attract millions of listeners seeking a calming backdrop to their daily activities.

Sounds used in lo-fi music typically include:

1. Synthesized and sampled beats: Provide the steady, chill tempo that defines the genre.

2. Vinyl crackles and tape hiss: Add warmth and a sense of nostalgia.

3. Mellow keyboard and guitar melodies: Often used to create a soothing, melodic layer.

4. Ambient sounds: Rain, traffic café noises, or nature sounds, which enhance the atmosphere.


Function Loops - Dusty LoFi Soul Pack Red Sounds - Modern LoFi For Vital  Sunday Vibes - Lazy Lofi Samples

5. Trap Music

Trap music originated in the Southern United States during the early 2000s. It is characterized by its lyrical content and sound, which often focus on life in the trap (places where drug deals take place) and the struggles associated with poverty and street life. Musically, trap features aggressive lyrical flows, layered synthesizers, and crisp, rhythmic beats, combining elements of hip-hop and EDM.

Sounds used in trap music typically include:

1. Rolled hi-hats: Rapid, staccato hi-hat patterns that create a dynamic, fast-paced rhythm.

2. 808s: Provide a powerful, booming foundation that resonates in the low end.

3. Layered synths: Create atmospheric, often ominous melodies and textures.

4. Vocals: Pitched down, swimming in reverb and delay adding a unique, eerie quality to the tracks.

5. Trap Drums: Tight sounding kicks, claps, snares, cymbals, and shakers as well as other sounds


Trap Beat Arsenal by FuturetoneStudio Trap - Durk Chainz Bundle Studio Trap - Drip Bundle2DEEP - TRAP NATION 5 BEATS PACK


These loop packs  over a range of genres, providing essential tools for any producer’s toolkit. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your collection, these packs are sure to take your productions to the next level.

Conclusion: Top Sample Loop Packs

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