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Even if you are dedicated to musical production, you are sure to listen to music, especially when you leave your home or studio, you want to listen to your favorite music or even the latest personal productions.

Music is life and is considered as the food for human’s soul. Downloading music is however very tough especially when you are using your mobile phone.

This is because you may not be able to find the appropriate app to download music from. There are numerous apps through which you can download unlimited music entirely free of cost.

However, there are some apps which have some fee on the monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. However, when it comes to the Android smartphones, you have a variety of music apps which you can install and download music or listen online.

This article is dealing with the top ten free music download apps for android phones.

1. Songily


Songily is among the music downloader apps which are getting famous with each passing day. The app is very easy to use and has an attractive interface.

The app has a search option which is allowing you to search music of any genre based on artist or song name etc.

This app is allowing you to download music files for free and the downloaded music can be played with any music player that the cellphone is having. The downloaded music can also be shared on other devices as well.

Main Features: There are numerous features of the app but selecting music from the top charts is the best one. Moreover you can search and play any song on its database and download and share the music.

2. Spotify Music


Spotify music is among the most popular music apps being used for downloading music on the android devices.

The app has a huge collection of songs of different languages of all genres. The search feature of the app is capable to search music on the name of song, artist, and music album etc.

The app is also having a feature to make your own playlist and play whenever you want.

Main Features: The countless features of the app comprises of the online library of music of your choice.

The library or album that you create can be played whenever you want in even offline mode. The best feature of the app is that there are no ads when you are browsing through the app.

3. MP3 Music Download


This app is very popular to listen and download MP3 format music. In fact, this app can be considered as the only app to download music in the MP3 format.

The music downloaded through this app can be shared on other devices and it happened to be the slowest app and have numerous ads when you browse music through the app.

Main Features: You can search, play, and download MP3 formatted music only through this android application. This app is very easy to use and has a brilliant interface.

4. Wynk Music


Wynk music is an amazing MP3 music downloader as well as it is capable to download other format music as well. The music app is entirely free of cost and there are over 2 million songs of different languages.

The app is very smooth in loading and let you search music through artist name, song name, and album name etc. On this app you will find all the latest and old Hindi, English, and songs of other languages as well.

Main Features: There are abundant features of the app such as the app has a massive library of over 2 million songs in different languages.

The songs are of different genres so you can have songs for your every mood and the songs are buffered quite in small time making it worthy enough to have in your android device.

This music app is ad-free and the music can also be played in offline mode as well.

5. Gaana


As the name suggests, this is best free music download app for Android devices. The app has a huge collection of over 11 million songs and these songs are of high quality in different languages.

You are able to browse songs of your choice from the already created playlists or you can create your own playlist and select songs of your choice. The app has songs in some regional languages as well.

Main Features: Gaana app has a huge collection of music and there are thousands of pre-curated playlists made by experts.

There are different sections each dedicated to some specific sort of music such as Rock, Bollywood, Sad, Romantic, and Regional songs etc. The music app is entirely ad free and is having high-quality songs.

The best part is that the music app can be synced to almost 5 devices at a time.

6. 4Shared


When it comes to music downloader apps for Android devices, 4shared has its own importance and significance. The app has bundles of songs to be downloaded.

According to the estimates of the app, there are over 5 million songs in different languages that the app is having and the database is being updated constantly by users across the globe.

Each user is having 15GB space to upload music of their choice and then share with people across the globe. This app is a bit slow in browsing and loading songs.

Main Features: The music application has a huge collection of music in all formats that you may need. You can create your own account on the server of the app and upload or download music onto or from your device.

You can then share your uploaded music with other people.

7. Sound Cloud


Sound cloud is an outstanding MP3 music downloader. Moreover, you can download music in all other formats as well. This app is allowing you to load songs without having to wait for any ads and the interface of the website is too quick. You can download, upload, or loud music of your choice without any trouble.

You are also able to share the playlists that you have created the application. You can also upload music in your own voice if you are a good singer or have a tendency towards music.

Main Features: The innumerable features of this application comprises of creating own playlist and sharing with other people.

You can filter out your favorite tracks through search option letting you segregate through genre, moods, and artists etc.

You can connect with your friends and family members through this app and then share your music with them. The app is entirely ad free and plays music quickly.

8. Google Music


Google music is among the oldest music downloader apps for the android devices. Google has been improving the app over the time and now is among the most widely used apps across the globe. There is also a subscription offer in the app lets you enjoy surprising features with some fee.

Main Features: There are numerous features of the app such as categorizing the music on the basis of different categories such as artist, genre, album etc.

The app is offering you a personal storage of up to 5000 songs and you can play the music in offline mode as well.

9. Mixer Box


Mixer box is a free music download app for android devices which can be used to play and download music from the YouTube and other sources.

This app is letting you search songs on the basis of your favorite song and artist etc.

The app is also giving you suggestions based on your previous searches and you can also have your personalized playlist and share it on social media sites such as Facebook etc.

Main Features: The app has a vast music library and can fetch songs from other online music directories as well. Therefore you have chances that you will get almost any song through this music app.

You can synchronize your device whenever you want and have a personalized list of songs in the form of personal playlist shareable on social media websites.

10. Rock My Run


Rock my run is among popular apps being used for music download over Android smartphones. The app is mostly used by people who are fond of exercise, jogging or running.

The music is mostly consisting of the remix versions of different songs created by famous DJs across the globe. You can save your favorite songs and then play when you are running or exercising.

Features: The app is letting you browse music from its vast library and you can also play the music in offline mode as well.

Apart from music, the app has several health-related features as well such as the BPM is letting you know your heart rate and filters our your favorite songs on the basis of your searches and choice.

The app is beating in accordance with your workout and is having best workout tracks keeping you motivated.

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