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TimeShaper Effect VST/AU Plugin Released by CableGuys

CableGuys TimeShaper

CableGuys has released TimeShaper, a new effect plugin that let you “grab hold of time” with several effects depending on the frequency.

Strictly speaking, the TimeShaper plugin offers tempo-based effects such as stutter, reverse, scratch, tape stop and glitch.

You can freely determine the LFO shapes and the curve profile as well as add exciting parts with DJ scratches or tape stops.

You can spice your synthesizer and vocal tracks with stutter and glitch effects.

“Multiband operation massively multiplies the possibilities. Want to reverse the bass while you stutter the midrange and tape-stop the treble? Now you can!”

TimeShaper sounds like a true all-rounder for tempo twists, tension-makers, special effects and more!


Cableguys TimeShaper for 32/64-bit Windows and Mac (VST/AU) priced at 39 EUR / $44 USD. Also, a free demo version is available.

TimeShaper is also included in the ShaperBox Bundle, which includes Curve 2, FilterShaper 3, FilterShaper Core, TimeShaper, VolumeShaper 5, PanShaper 2, WidthShaper, and MidiShaper.

TimeShpaer is a tool that surely worth the attention of any music producer and sound engineer. Find more details at PluginBoutique website – the best plugin store online!

More Details: TimeShaper

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