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THORN: A New Software Synthesizer by Dmitry Sches

THRON: A New Software Synthesizer by Dmitry Sches

Thorn by Dmitry Sches is an easy-to-use synthesizer plug-in for both Windows and MAC, featuring three oscillators with spectral synthesis.

These give the user control over the entire harmonic content of the generated sound. Real-time effects, FM, RM, PWM and Hard Sync are part of the feature set of the oscillators and allow a comprehensive sound manipulation.

The filter is actually the interesting part because here you will find a large list of filter types that work additively.

The sound shaping is done by two multimode filters, which are modeled on analog models and are equipped with a sensitive saturation phase.

On board are nine effects, three ADSR envelopes, three LFOs, and a 16-step arpeggiator with MIDI-Out and two multistage envelopes. Last but not least, Thorn has a glitch sequencer to create totally chaotic sounds.

Extremely sawing FM sounds can also be reached via a filter model, without having to have particularly blatant waveforms.

Sound sources are organized as spectrum tables of 16 frames with the ability to edit and morph harmonics.

Presets sound good, the emphasis is on the classically subtractive, which also sounds very good.

The graphical interface is very well done, it looks professional, as we have already used from the other plugins launched by Dmitry Sches so far, such as Tantra and Diversion (check the link below).

Dmitry Sches audio software Thorn is now available for a starting price of 69 US dollars (regular 119 US dollars).

More Details: THORN

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