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“The Legend” Software Synth Released by Synapse Audio

The Legend Software Synth by Synapse Audio

Synapse Audio has released The Legend, a new analog-modeling software synthesizer aimed to faithfully emulate the Minimoog Model D analog synthesizer.

In collaboration with synth specialist Bigtone Studios, Synapse Audio team has managed to faithfully emulate one of the most famous vintage analog synths.

The oscillators, filter, amplifier and all the original effects have been modeled to accuracy and included in this software version.


  • Accurate Analog Modeling with 8x Oversampling
  • Two revisions modeled
  • Mono/Legato, Unison and Four-Voice modes
  • 3 Oscillators plus Noise (Pink, White)
  • Low-Pass filter with Drive, 12 dB and 24 dB slopes
  • Delay and Reverb effects
  • More than 400 patches included
  • Available as VST, Audio Unit and Rack Extension

Besides all the original features, The Legend soft synth also comes with numerous enhancements increasing its versatility such as unison and polyphonic modes.

The Legend is a highly efficient analog-modeling synth plugin!

The Legend software synthesizer is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU), priced at $99 USD. Also, if you are a Reason fan you can get The Rack Extension version from the Propellerhead store. For more details, video and to download the “Demo” version of this synth plugin please check the link below (Synapse Audio website).

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