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The Canary Free VST/AU Plugin by Black Rooster Audio

Free VST Effect Plugin

Black Rooster Audio has released The Canary, a free audio plugin available in VST and AU plugin format for both Windows and MAC OS.

The Canary free plugin can be used to add the right tone to your drums, to make drums sound more crispy and full. It may be very useful when mixing drums: The Canary will add some extra punch and some brilliance to your drums. You can add the Canary effect plugin on each single channel, making your Bass Drum sound voluminous and punchy, your Toms will sound full and precise and your Snare will sound more crispy.

To can download this free plugin, you must register/login at Black Rooster Audio website. Alongside with this plugin you will find a manual where you can read more details about installation, minimum system requirements for both Windows and MAC, as well you will find details and explanations regarding all controls from the GUI.  The explanations from the manual are very clear and in just minutes you’ll learn exactly what each button does (all the controllers can be seen in the picture above: Tune, Power, Filter, Attack, Sustain and Mix).

After I tried it personally, I can say that is very intuitive, easy to use and does its job very well.

Black Rooster Audio is a German based audio plugin developer, fairly new in the industry, but they promises that will bring us plugins that will align with the today’s requirements (when we, the music producers, are quite demanding, I’m right?).

All Black Rooster Audio Plugins are available in 32-bit and 64-bit for Mac OSX and Windows based music software. Check the link below for more details.

More Details: The Canary

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